Jungle Gym

Fliptastic! has a variety of classes and schedules to choose from.

Beginner's Classes

Baby & Crawler We invite you to join other new parents and let your child explore in our safe and clean environment. This class focuses on socializing your baby while enhancing their motor development, coordination and balance as your little one explores obstacles. You also get to enjoy music and trampoline time through organized play - all while enjoying quality time with your child!

Parent Participation Our Parent Participation class is an introduction to the exciting sport of gymnastics. Fliptastic's Parent Participation class is structured for "steady walkers" to children ready to be on their own. Qualified coaches lead the class while parents take an active role in assisting their child through various activities. This class is instrumental in developing motor skills, coordination and socialization. Walking across the beam, jumping on a trampoline, and rolling provide lots of fun in the Parent Participation class. Children will learn through organized play, and develop life skills such as listening and following directions.








Kinder Gymnastics

Kinder 1 is for parent participation graduates and all 3 year olds. Children learn to take direction, wait for turns and socialize with their peers. Concepts such as tumbling, balancing, rolling and jumping are learned in a safe and nurturing manner - all while under the supervision of qualified instructors.

Kinder 2 program is for Kinder 1 graduates and 4-5 year olds. Children will develop a larger variety of gymnastics skills while practicing in a positive environment with lots of opportunities to succeed and grow. Small class sizes allows for individualized attention which gives the student security and confidence.

Kinder 3 is for Kinder 2 graduates. Students will refine Kinder 2 skills and challenge themselves by learning more advanced skills, while working on form and technique. Students in this class will get a solid base for their future in gymnastics. Coaches are qualified and experienced.

Kinder 4 class is for Kinder 3 graduates. We review skills from Kinder 3 while learning exciting new skills out in the large gym on the big kid equipment. This class has an emphasis on drills and progressions that help build a well-rounded gymnast.

Kinder 5 is offered to athletes that have graduated from Kinder 4. This class is great for athletes ages 4-6 with advanced Level 1 skills. It will review skills that were taught in the Kinder 4 level and will introduce new and exciting skills. This class will emphasize drills and progressions that will help students succeed as an all-around gymnast.

All Jungle Gym students are placed by age, then move up according to skill.